Adept realized the “Cloud Computing” potential several years ago, before the terminology was coined, by working with start-up organizations, fully understanding their needs are far more than just software design and development consulting. We partnered with data center throughout the globe to help our customer achieve this specific need of reaching out and scaling as business grows. Today our partnership with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, Network Solutions, Cisco, and Google plays a vital role in providing cloud solution to our customers.


Artificial intelligence is redefining ‘normal’ today, adding intelligence which was thought to be a human prerogative to machines. This transformative technology has quickly gained widespread acceptance.

Today, a considerable number of companies have developed frameworks and APIs that use traditional logic and rule-based systems to enable PCs and robots to be programmed to respond in ways that resemble ‘thinking’.

But are these services relevant to your business? Is Artificial Intelligence just a buzzword or will can it help your future business?

Here are some of the ways, that we at Irislogic believe, in which AI will impact your business:

1) Predictive analytics
The biggest advantage that AI brings with it is the power of Predictive Analytics – analysing past trends, patterns and historical data systems can now predict and determine ideal next steps to reap the desired results. No wonder every industry from real estate to banking & finance and from fashion to e-commerce has been motivated to adopt AI based predictive analytics.

2) Chatbots and voice-assistants
AI has given rise to machines being able to conduct sophisticated, lifelike, one-to-one conversations, even those which require contextual understanding. The obvious next step – the exponential use of chatbots both in enterprise and consumer domains! These chatbots today are replacing large backend offices and can conduct a series of different tasks including travel search and booking, shopping, payments, task management, office management, and customer support.

3) Image recognition and diagnostics
The use of AI for image recognition and diagnostics has already steeped into our everyday lives. From Iris and fingerprint recognition are at airports, to advanced mobile-based image and facial recognition techniques for financing by companies like  ‘WeChat Pay’ and Alipay, insurance claims authentication, loan disbursement, fraud management and credit history ratings of both retail and enterprise customers, the list is endless.

4) Smart Robots
Have you heard of the smart robot “Flippy” that makes hamburgers? Yes, a robot that makes hamburgers! Or of the 45,000 robots working at Amazon’s fulfillment centers tracking and dispatching the orders received every day?


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